David Yurman Outlet

David Yurman outlet

David Yurman outlet stores are located at 5 cities in the U.S. and typical saving can be upwards of 60% off of retail prices plus any added sales they may have on select pieces. Shopping at the outlet stores gives you a few advantages. First it guarantees you are getting the best possible price on David Yurman Jewelry and more importantly it ensures your getting a legitimate product. With all the counterfeit and copies of designer product today, here you can be assured you are buying the real thing. Never settle for anything less that the real thing, designers today work hard on thier creativity to develope beautiful works of art that you will enjoy for years to come. But not everyone has the budget to spend on designer work which is why having a David Yurman outlet is a great way to stick to budget without compromising on quality.

So, if you are one of the few that live close to any of the David Yurman Outlet store locations listed at the side of the page, here is a few things to keep in mind. The stores will generally carry discontinued items or older items no longer being sold in the current retail stores they have. They do, however, carry some new some new and current designs, but it is inventory that may have had some imperfections or flaws and never made it to their main retail stores. In some cases some of the pieces may have even been used in a photo shoot and can no longer be sold as new, but those are few and far between. The typical savings at the David Yurman Outlet stores depend on what exactly you are looking for, but with the quality of work that David Yurman produces, there is no doubt that one can find several pieces that will fit yours tastes.

Here are a some examples, Click the links below for more information:

As you can see the savings can be substantial. With a an extremely talented designer such as David Yurman, buying his quality work comes with a premium. Fortunetly at a David Yurman Outlet store with premium can be cut back quite a bit with the discounts that give you. Along with great prices the customer service is second to none. The trained and knowledgeable staff can answer any question you may have regarding any line that David Yurman outlet carries. You can expect white glove treatment from them as you are appreciated as a privlidged client, whether you are spending $100 or $25,000, you will find the staff a joy to work with.

Now, unfortunately, most people are not so lucky to live close to one of the David Yurman Outlet stores or in some cases you may be looking for the latest current design or some custom jewelry that the stores may not have. In this case you may have to look at other option. There are the David Yurman retail stores located throughout the world as well as a good list of higher end David Yurman Jewelry retailers that also carry his line. Another option may be to looking into a reputable online retailer as well, there is a good deal of online stores that can save you considerable amount of money. Last but not least, an excellent place to buy David Yurman Jewelry is Ebay, they offer great coverage for the buyer and the variety of jewelry available is outstanding, not to mention what you can save yourself.